Arda AY

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Mustafa YIKICI


  Arda AY is a senior student studying numerical at Guzelbahce Mektebim College with aspirations of attending law school and practicing international law. Having been raised in a family in which the politics have always had a great role and having connections with some important people in the field of police and judiciary, lead him to grow an interest in Model UN when he started high school.

  Over the course of 4 years, he has been to many conferences internationally and assumed various positions and in this years Mektebim College Model United Nations Training Conference he is proudly serving as the Secretary General

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  Mustafa Çağlar Yıkıcı is a senior student who specializes on numerical studies and he is currently at the College of Mektebim.He aims to first study at a university than graduate as a computer engineer.After having participated in several MUN conferences it is safe to say that he is eager to take part in McMun Training Conference.He believes that every student must at least attend one MUN conference during their highschool years to practice their language skills and to improve their ability to give a speech in front of a crowd.

  In this very conference he is more than happy to be the Director General.

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Kerem Gunes


  Kerem Gunes is a junior student studying numerical at Guzelbahce Mektebim College with a dream of becoming a doctor. He discovered Model United Nations his freshman year and has been in the community ever since. He states his inspiration to start attending conferences was to improve his language and have fun with his friends. He believes that Model UN helps young leaders gain the dedication and confidence to change the world for the better.

  In this years Mektebim College Training Conference he is serving as the Deputy-Secretary-General

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  Mustafa Senoglu is a junior student studying numerical in the Mektebim College Guzelbahce Campus who aims to become a civil engineer when he graduates. He has became an award winning delegate in the very handful of conferences he attended in his Model UN career.

  He will be serving as the Deputy-Director-General in this years conference.

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